Our Volunteers

Volunteers are the backbone of our Church! We cannot thank our hardworking Volunteer Staff enough for all that they do for our church.

Buildings and Grounds: 

Bobbie Beck

Valaree Bower

Dave McGrath

Christian Education:

Sarah Wood: Sarah grew up in Riverton and has been a lifelong member of the Calvary family. She is currently living in Delran with her husband, Mike, their sons Lincoln and JJ, and dog, Riley. Outside of church she is a teacher at Cherokee High School.

Dorothy Talavera

Church Life:

Lyn Wargny:  Lyn is a lifelong resident of Palmyra and member of Calvary. She has been a Sunday school teacher, done children’s messages in church for about 25 years. Lyn has also been a Deacon, cooked for Caris, part of Mariners. Lyn has a long-time involvement with women’s Monday study group and with choir, works at Calvary’s Thrift Shop, helps with Treasure Day and with many other activities throughout the year. She is currently on the Church Life Session Committee. Lyn also helps at Cathedral Kitchen, with the silent auction, and with Communicants’ class. She Has one son living in Switzerland and three grandkids. She is also an avid animal lover/owner of a cat and several birds. She likes to travel, loves music, animals or all kinds, books, the beach, gardening, cooking, and God’s beautiful gifts of nature.

Dorothy Sopp

Endowment Committee:

Stephanie Zarus: Stephanie has served on a number of Calvary’s committees since coming to Calvary with her 3 sons: Tyler, Alex, and Matthew, including pastor nominating, mission study, Christian education. Currently Stephanie serves as an Elder, chair of the Stewardship/finance team, chair of the endowment committee, and participates in the MettaMinda and Yoga initiatives, and the Joint Task Force between Calvary and Covenant Churches. She has over 25 years of experience as an executive, health care entrepreneur and academician. Stephanie holds a Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Pharmacy degrees from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science. Professionally, Stephanie has over twenty-five years of experience as an . Educationally, (PCPS). She completed a residency in pharmacy administration at the VA Medical Center in Philadelphia, and completed Executive Certificate Programs at Harvard University’s Kennedy School Executive Education in the Art and Practice of Leadership Development and from the Kellogg Graduate School of Management of Northwestern University. She is an active member of the WOCLES book club, the RNC photography club, and loves best to spend time enjoying family and friends.


Deidre Golden: Deidre has been a member of Calvary for 30 years. She and her husband John raised their two children with the Calvary family. She works as a school nurse at Cherokee High School, and loves to read, travel, and play with her 1 year old granddaughter. At Calvary, and through the Presbyterian faith, she found a  welcoming family and freedom to discuss and develop her personal faith and believes. As a member of the Mission Team she hopes to help Calvary grow into an even more inclusive and welcoming home for all. 

Bobbie Beck

Nominating Committee:

Stephanie Zarus

Jerry Blackman

Personnel Committee:

Jerry Blackman

Bridgette Breece


Stephanie Zarus

Jerry Blackman

Worship & Music:

Valaree Bower

Lori Gilmore